In today’s world, most nations and people consider themselves to be free, not enslaved to another. The idealism of one’s own freedom rings true in the hearts of every race and creed. Thankfully, in our country, human slavery was abolished years ago. But interestingly enough, though we take comfort in the fact that globally, it seems dedication to liberty is increasing, the reality is that enslavement is an epidemic we see everywhere.


The kind of enslavement I am talking about does not use physical iron shackles to control a person. Rather, it is a bondage that gains control of us in a more subtle way. It is an internal bondage, having its foundation deep within us, an imprisonment that holds us within its unforgiving walls. These chains grasp us with the same force that physical chains would, causing us pain, depression, and hopelessness.

We can see this captivity in various forms as we look within, and watch around us. Addictions to drugs or alcohol, habitual sin, pride, excessive pursuit of money, dependence on relationships, pornography or other sexual addictions, anger, depression, fear, the occult, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, work or shopping addictions, hoarding,  and shame are some of these bondages. Yet, as hopeless as this appears to be, there is an answer!

Through Jesus Christ, being set free from your captivity can be obtained! There is hope for a new life apart from the drudgery, pain, and emptiness of living with the shackles, hope for days filled with joy, peace, and purpose. People are searching for this freedom in many different places and ways. But the answer lies with Jesus!

Laying hold of the freedom we can have through Jesus is not as impossible as the enemy, the devil, would have you believe. Does it take determination on our part? Absolutely. But Christ, as we lean on and surrender to Him, gives us everything we need to experience liberty in our lives. So where do we begin?


First, evaluate your relationship with Jesus Christ. Do you have a relationship with Him? How do you know? It is not found in religious activity or being a good person. It is only found in believing that Jesus is the Son of God who died to pay for your sins, and raised back to life, and choosing God and His ways over the world and its ways, surrendering your life and heart to Him. If you have never verbalized this (which is very important), you can tell God right now, you are sorry for your sin, and that you are now giving Him control of your life, choosing to love Him by following Him and getting to know Him. If you know you have already taken this step and have that relationship, then you are that much closer to freedom.

Secondly, ask God to show you the root of the bondages. There is always an underlying root that God, if we allow Him to, can pull out through healing and repentance (being genuinely sorry for our sin, confessing it to God, and choosing to turn from it), and revealing His truth. Often, there is some lie we have accepted as truth, causing us to react in unhealthy ways. God knows exactly what caused the root to begin to grow, and how to deal with it. As He shows you things, you can ask Him to heal you, along with repenting of sin, and declaring His truth-just ask Him what His truth is! Some of this can be difficult to face, but God is a gentle, loving Dad that wants to see His children set free.

Thirdly, purpose to pursue God, cultivating your relationship with Him. Spend time with Him, putting on worship music, singing the words to Him. Read His Word, asking Him to speak to you. Talk to Him throughout your day.  Find out what pleases Jesus (look in the Bible), and do it. Frequently ask Him to show you areas of sin in your life so you can repent. Continue to declare the truth He has shown you.

Here at Covenant Family Church, we have been partnering with the Holy Spirit to see freedom become a reality for many. If you know this is what you need, having tried unsuccessfully on your own, which isn’t unusual, give us a call. Don’t let anything get in the way of discovering the joy of this freedom. When Christ sets us free, we are free indeed!20212568_s